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2019 GCS Bid for Cause

February 27, 2019
By Kristen Lihos, Interim Advancement Director

2019 GCS Bid for Cause
Maximizing an Extraordinary Education

You already know that we have something very special here.

You hear it when you speak with your child’s teacher, or when you listen to the students worship during chapel. You feel it out on the court, the mat, out on the fields and on the stage. You know it to be true when you attend the commencement address. You see it when you stumble across a class happening on the front lawn or at the local coffee shop. You appreciate it when you notice the children of alumni flowing through the doors …

Grace Christian School is providing an extraordinary education to our children.

Extraordinary education did not happen by accident. It is built with intentional steps.  It is built with parents, teachers, and staff who daily die to self. Extraordinary things happen when we live and walk our God-given calling as we love the children entrusted to us.

We are so blessed at Grace Christian School.

Extraordinary blessings mean extraordinary responsibilities. We cannot become complacent with the education we seek to provide. We have to keep taking extraordinary steps in the right direction. So, how do we make the best use of what we have been given?

Maximizing an extraordinary education looks like taking responsibility for what we have been given and building it up.

This year we are going to have a new focus at the auction. It is a “Bid for Cause.” That cause is maximizing the extraordinary education of our children in a practical way. The leadership team of GCS has come together to plan for those extraordinary steps that will take our school in the direction it needs to go - a direction of flourishing and thriving to the glory of God.

This year, the leadership team has decided that classroom expansion through technology growth is our next maximizing step.

By the end of this school year, we seek to raise $30,000 for a technology upgrade that will directly impact 2019/2020 school year.

Elementary and Middle School Principal Joanne Kinder puts it this way, “Because of an influx of new students at the elementary school for next year, several of our grades will need to be split into multiple sections.  Having Chrome carts with Chromebooks that travel from classroom to classroom throughout the elementary school campus, will open up the room which is currently designated as the elementary school computer lab.  Having an additional classroom next year is necessary for us as we seek to maintain our low teacher-to-student ratio and our high quality of education.

Chrome Cart & Chromebooks

We do have a designated computer lab at the middle school, which is used for weekly computer classes for all 200+ students in kindergarten through 8th grade.  Because this space is used for this purpose throughout the week, there is very limited time for our middle school students to use the computer lab for assignments and classroom projects.  Having the Chrome cart with Chromebooks at the middle school campus will allow teachers to bring the computers directly into their classrooms for students to use.

High School Principal Brian Fitzgerald says, “Chrome carts and the technology infrastructure around them are necessary for education to continue thriving at the high school next school year. By turning our current computer lab into a traditional classroom to accommodate the growing needs at the high school, chrome carts complete with chromebooks will allow each classroom to become a computer lab at a moment’s notice. This mobile arrangement gives our students better access to computers, and it provides more flexibility for teachers and study halls to provide the tools necessary for students to better work on papers and projects at school.

Will you give to this cause?  Will you help us make a direct impact on student lives this coming school year?

During this year’s live auction, you will have your chance to support our students and teachers with the “Bid for Cause.” You will have your chance to bid in support of chrome carts, upgraded technology to support, and new chromebooks for our teachers.

Everyone wins with this live item bid, especially the students!

The auctioneer will start with high bids and work his way down. If you raise your paddle at the $5,000 mark, you are helping us get 1/6th of the way there. If six of you raise your paddles at the $1,000 mark, you ALL are helping us get 1/6th of the way there! If 30 of you raise your paddles at the $100 mark, you are helping us get 1/10th of the way there!

Help us take this extraordinary step to maximize the extraordinary education of our children and directly impact  the 2019/2020 school wide classroom expansion.