Grace Christian School

Our Mission

The mission of Grace Christian School is to assist Christian parents by providing a sound academic education in a Christ-centered environment designed to prepare our young people to know God and to live in obedience to His will for their lives.

Our Vision

To see successive generations of Grace Christian School students living their lives in Christ for the glory of God.

Our Core Values

Grace Christian School is committed to providing a quality education within a learning environment that emphasizes four core values:

Spiritual - Our highest priority, in all grades, is that of encouraging faith in Jesus Christ and imparting the knowledge and critical thinking skills so vital in preparing our young people to be able to stand for Christ as salt and light in our humanistic culture.  We do not recognize the so-called divide between the “sacred and secular.”  Therefore, we seek to integrate learning into the “wholistic” context that all of life is to be lived  “as unto the Lord.”

Academic - As a fundamental value of our Christian faith, we believe our students should be given a solid grounding in a core curriculum of language arts, mathematics, the natural sciences and the social sciences.  We believe those students who are best prepared for higher education and various vocational callings are those who have this fundamental and thorough grounding in these core academic areas.

Character - While we emphasize the development of intellectual capacity and academic skills, we believe a higher goal of Christian education is the cultivation of Christ-like character.  The school formulates all policies with the goal of teaching godly respect and honor for staff and fellow students, healthy self-control, personal integrity, and an overall appreciation for the need to live with others in Christian love by preferring others above self.

Covenant Community - In the context of rapidly increasing cultural pressures that are aggressively coming to bear against our Christian faith and values, we emphasize the priority of Christian community among parents, school, staff, and the larger Christian community, as vital in achieving our essential mission as a school.

●In addition to the above core values, Grace Christian School is dedicated to the emotional, social and physical development of its students in a Christ-centered environment.

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