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A Few Additional Comments

June 28, 2018
By John Morrison

Many folks have been so very gracious in wishing me a great retirement as I hand over the head of school duties to our new leader, Dr. Don Larson. I have deeply appreciated such comments from so many.

I perhaps should clarify that I won't actually be "retiring" in the true sense of the word.  I will continue to be engaged with our re-accreditation effort over the next year, as well as assisting Dr. Larson in various ways.  I also will be far more engaged on the pastoral team at Community Fellowship Church. So, "retirement" is really not so much on my radar, at least at this point!

I do want to say very clearly that I am quite impressed with Dr. Larson, who has now been on the job here at GCS over the past two weeks  He has a great leadership background based on his career as a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force special forces, as well as significant experience in the educational world.  He obviously loves the Lord and has a passion for the unique and special form of Christian education as practiced at GCS. Such leaders do not grow on trees, so to speak.  In this context, I believe he and his wife, Marielle, are God's special and timely gift to our faith community, and that he will lead GCS in a Christ-honoring manner that will continue to make an eternal impact on our young people and their families.  Let's be praying for God's wisdom and anointing to be much upon Dr. Larson as he takes our school into the future.

I also want to commend our governing board, chaired by Ms. Jan Ingram, for stepping up and providing the strategic leadership needed to keep GCS true to its fundamental mission.  Our board members are investing much time and effort in serving our school community, and we owe them all a deep debt of gratitude. Thank you, Jan Ingram, Andy Wells, Macon Rich, Sherry Foster, Alan Brown, Ken Cullinan, Janelle Greenmun, Bryan Bailey, and Rhonda Wilmore, for serving us so well!

I would be quite remiss to not express heartfelt gratitude to the congregation known as Community Fellowship Church. There would be no GCS apart from the selfless, quiet, and substantial support provided by this church over the past thirty-eight years.  They remain quietly in the background, but their vision, commitment, and generosity have benefitted many, many young people and their families. Thank you,  CFC!

And, then, there is our dedicated staff.  I can't even begin to express my depth of gratitude for their sacrifice and commitment and passion for our students.  What a privilege it has been (and is) to serve with them! May God lavish His blessing upon them both now and in eternity as they continue to invest their lives in our families!

So, we are just getting started!  Let's roll up our sleeves and continue to work hard in advancing what I believe is one of the most strategic ministries in our community -- GCS!  Our culture is darkening spiritually. Never has this ministry been any more important, and we want to ensure that GCS continues to partner with our Christian families as well as being a light in a dark place pointing to the reality of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

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PS. While this will be my last GCS blog, I am pleased that Dr. Larson will continue this GCS blogging tradition.  Look for his first edition in the near future! In the meantime,I will be starting up a new blog later this summer related to our Community Fellowship website.  My primary themes will center around living out our faith in the context of contemporary issues. Anyone who would like to receive my continued ramblings is welcome.  Just respond to this blog (email address above) by requesting your name to be added to my distribution list. I would love to have you continue this journey with me!