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A Generation in Crisis

April 13, 2018
By John Morrison

I often struggle with my blog topics because I feel they tend to focus on so many of the negatives in our culture.  And I really don’t want to be perceived as a negative person!

On the other hand, it is so important that we stay informed on issues relevant to us as Christian parents and educators.  Frankly, I have far more that I would like to address than is possible in these weekly communications.

So, at the risk of being “negative,” I want to pass along a piece about teen culture shared with me recently.  This is not just for parents of teens, but in many ways is especially relevant to parents of younger children.  I urge my readers to absorb this piece, because I find that many of us as adults still seem to not fully “get it!”

Parenting today takes a special courage and moral backbone that is often missing in our larger parenting culture.  I would emphasize especially to parents of younger children, the sooner you draw a line in the sand in terms of your family standards, the better prepared you will be to resist many of the pervasive influences that are attempting to hijack our youth as they grow older.  And while perhaps you won’t be popular with your kids as you set clearly defined limits, God never suggested that parenting is about popularity. Going against the mainstream is not easy, especially when we find ourselves doing things in a radically different way from many!

So, call  me a “negative Nellie” if you think I am dwelling too much on such things!  But, please, let’s not be naive about what is going on in our culture and its influence upon our kids.  Read this piece linked below, and let’s be praying for one another to have wisdom and courage in standing against this rapidly rising flood of ungodliness!

Click here to read this important article.

PS.  Please especially note #7.  And parents of younger children, please carefully consider the “So How Can We Help?” section.  The growing medical research concerning the impact of “the screen” in stunting and permanently damaging neurological development is quite sobering!

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