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A Passion for Christian Education

August 24, 2018
By Donald M. Larson, PhD
GCS Alumni - now GCS Parents - Jodi Marinelli Kanagy, Bethany Glover Persian, Grace Hickin Schultz, Stacy Gardner, Janelle Miller Greenmun and Kristy Gardner Shirley after dropping off their children on the first day of school.


The 2018-19 school year has begun. I was at the elementary school yesterday morning and met a number of excited parents and students. Many of our parents graduated from Grace Christian which was thrilling, because they understand the value of a strong education from a Biblical perspective. My wife and I made sure that our daughters received a Christian education, because we realized how a secular education had delayed our development of a Biblical worldview.

I grew up in a home that went to church, but I didn’t understand what Jesus Christ did for me. At a young age, my dad walked away from the faith (he has since returned and is very strong in his faith walk). At age 11, my uncle, who had retired from the army and a Baptist Pastor, shared the gospel with me – I was on fire for the gospel, but I lived in a humanistic world. I went to one of the leading public magnet schools in the nation. It was very academic and very humanistic.

I continued as a humanist Christian for many years. I married my wife in 1986, she was more Biblical in her faith and prayed for my growth. In the early 1990’s, I went through a spiritual crisis – I began to ask questions and started to think that I couldn’t be an intellectual and a Christian. I believed in my heart, but I could not reconcile my humanistic worldview with what I read in the Scriptures. In 1996, my family moved from Okinawa, Japan, to Germany. We joined Trinity Reformed Church (PCA) in Kaiserslautern. God had set the stage and brought me to a point in my life where I was ready for exponential growth in faith. Under Pastor Doug Hudson, with the tapes from R.C. Sproul, the writings of Francis Schaeffer, and resources from the Institute for Creation Research, my head and heart knowledge came together. This synergy created a new passion for Jesus Christ and His church, and I developed a strong Biblical worldview. I lived 35 years with a humanist worldview, because of the education that I received.

When I hear someone say that their child can overcome the humanistic education of a government or private secular school, I reflect on my experience and the experience of many of my friends that have sent their children to these schools. Very few make it through unscathed; most are damaged and may recover with time with God’s grace; and many will walk away from the faith. My heart mourns for those who do not choose Christian homeschooling or Christian day school. There is a price for everything including what is free – in fact, we often pay more for what is free. A Christian education is one of the best investments we can make, because it is an eternal investment.

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