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Challenging Words for Such a Time as This - Part 3

March 06, 2018
By John Morrison

This week I feature the concluding “Part 3” of Dr. Christian Overman’s profound series of blogs.  I believe these blogs, compiled in a single document entitled Not Far Away, is one of the more insightful pieces I have ever read concerning the powerful potential of worldview in forming the basic assumptions and beliefs of our youth.  Thank you, Dr. Overman, for sharing these strategic, timely thoughts with us!

Why The Church Has Remained So Silent
By Dr. Christian Overman

This "two-decker" pulpit rots in an abandoned chapel in Wales, Great Britain. Someone went to a lot of work to fashion this. Today, dogs sniff bird droppings from the rafters.
Photo by ceridwen [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

If the Bible is irrelevant to the most important things taught in school, then it will certainly be irrelevant to the most important things outside of school, too. This is the devilish outcome of dualism. In the end, we all lose.

Is it any wonder the biblical foundations for law, civil government, economics and family that once provided accepted harbor lights for our society have been replaced? The incessant move toward the secularization of education and the privatization of Christianity has been enormously successful, being expedited greatly through elementary and secondary schools.

Is it any wonder our youth are disinterested in church today, since Christianity is deemed irrelevant to the majority of their waking hours?

By divorcing the Light of God’s Word from language, literature, science, history, civil government, the arts and sports, we have created a Sacred-Secular Divide that has spanned several generations. The free exercise of religion is now defined as freedom of worship, restricted to a building called “church.”

What’s more, Christianity, being first secularized then privatized, is now being demonized. Christians are branded “intolerant,” “bigots” and “haters.”

What doesn’t make sense is why the Church has remained so silent about the secularization of education. Bible-believing pastors would never tolerate secularized Sunday Schools. Yet to what degree does the silence of their leaders account for the fact that 85-90 percent of Christian parents continue to send their children to secularizing schools that are indoctrinating yet another generation into a dualistic way of seeing life that will only shape their future for ill—and everyone else’s as well?

Sending children to such schools to be “lights in the world” sounds noble, until they come home thinking like their textbooks, making no connection between any academic subject and the bigger picture of God’s Word. In the end, they are quite comfortable thinking Christianity is for church, or one’s personal life, or for getting souls to heaven, but not for directing a business, designing software, or performing civil service in the here-and-now. They become practicing Monday-morning atheists, and think nothing of it.

Our culture is suffering greatly because of this.

As the United States continues its transition from a post-Christian to an anti-Christian culture, churches still stand in the center of town. The congregants are fewer these days, and (as with other Western nations) the virtual disappearance of biblical thought from the public square is not far away.


Dr. Overman’s words may seem extreme to some.  But for those who feel his thoughts are unduly alarmist, I would urge you to read the insightful words of Peter Sanlon, a vicar in the Church of England.  Sanlon aptly describes the advanced deterioration of the traditional British culture as a reliable indicator for where we in America are rapidly headed.   Click here to read Dr. Sanlon’s prescient words.  As he illustrates, many on the Titanic could not believe that seemingly unsinkable ship was in mortal peril until the last minute.  May we as American Christians not make the same mistake; rather, like the Sons of Issachar, may we “understand the times and know what Israel (the Church) should do." 
(1 Chron. 12:32)!

Dr. Oveman’s three blogs as featured over the past three weeks are compiled in a single piece entitled “Not Far Away.”  Click here to access that entire piece and consider sharing it with others via social media or handing it to them in printed form.

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