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GCS SAT Scores Compared to Local Public Schools

May 23, 2018
By John Morrison

From time to time, I think it is appropriate to inform parents and friends of GCS of how God's blessing and favor on our students and staff is often so clearly apparent.  

Once again, our students have performed quite well on their college boards (the SAT) relative to other, local schools.  Of the seven public high schools in the Staunton, Waynesboro and Augusta County locale (based on available data from the Virginia Department of Education for the past two years) the highest composite score represented among these seven schools was 1190.  The composite score for GCS was 1230, 40 points higher.

I am also pleased to report that in our participation in the Advanced Placement testing, 95% of our students who took an AP test received a 3 or better compared to 69.9% of participating students in the highest achieving, local public high school.  (AP exams are scored on a scale of 1 to 5. A student who scores a 3, 4 or 5, will typically receive college credit based on the standards of that particular college or university.)

Several years ago I cited an interview with James Montoya, a then vice president with the College Board. Montoya stressed that schools, instead of offering a wide diversity of course offerings, should focus on drilling down on core language arts, math, science and social studies classes as the best preparation for higher education.  Montoya's conclusions reflect those of C. S. Lewis, who emphasized that "schools ought to teach far fewer courses far better!" Indeed, this has been our educational philosophy at GCS for many years. This approach pays off!

I want to carefully qualify that I am not touting GCS as the “best” academic school in our locality. Rather, I am sharing this information to attest that GCS and our students are not playing second fiddle to any of the other secondary schools in our locality!  And, of course, we are intentionally more focused on providing our students with a Christian worldview in their education. That must always be the foremost distinction of our school!

As we wind down this school year, I thought many of you would be encouraged to see our scores in relation to those of local public high schools.  I am proud of our teachers, as well as our students, for their hard work and accomplishments. I believe this is part of the way God honors our students and families, as well as the efforts of our dedicated staff, when we place Christ as our first priority in our approach to education!  

Thank you Heavenly Father, for granting us your favor!

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