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Archives - November 2013

Thanksgiving Wishes

November 25, 2013
By John Morrison

As we approach this very special Thanksgiving holiday, I am reminded of the Biblical admonition to “in everything give thanks” (1 Thess 5:18).  Indeed, the word “thanks” is used fifty times in the book of Psalms alone!  And in many cases, the psalmist was in difficult circumstances.  Nevertheless, his larger perspective was that there was always good reason to give thanks to a loving and gracious God.

We are certainly thankful for each of our school families, our dedicated staff, our alumni and community of friends, and for the wonderful provision of God in terms of our facilities and other material provisions needed to carry on this ministry.  For close to thirty-five years, God has blessed Grace Christian School in many ways, and I want to publically acknowledge His faithfulness with a great big “THANK YOU, HEAVENLY FATHER!”

Best wishes to each of you who reads this blog for a very special Thanksgiving holiday!

                                                                                    John Morrison


PS.  Congrats to GCS junior Breanna Decker for winning the statewide, senior division essay contest sponsored by Virginia Tech on the topic of agriculture.  Click here to read her winning essay! 



Encouragement from Another 2013 Graduate

November 05, 2013
By John Morrison

It is always a blessing to receive encouraging feedback from our graduates as they look back on their GCS experience.  In addition to what I shared from a 2013 graduate last week, I also received a letter from another 2013 graduate a couple weeks ago.  It is one of those letters that makes me realize that the blood, sweat and tears that we as parents and educators are investing in our young people is of eternal value!  Be encouraged with the following excerpt from this graduate’s letter!    

I just wanted to send you and the other administrators a note to thank you …  After about a month, I have realized how forcefully the world and relativism are thrown into your face; and without the worldview education I received at Grace, I would be lost and unstable.  While it is not comfortable, I am able to analyze what is presented to me and compare it to the Truth.  My classes have emphasized creating your own set of values and how eventually it does not matter what you believe, as long as you were a “good” person by your own standards.  One has even gone to the point of teaching how one can scientifically disprove the existence of God.  I am really thankful for what I learned at Grace and for how great a school it is!

I was so blessed to be a part of Grace for the years that I was there – that has become immensely clear to me.  The skills in writing, leadership, critical thinking, Spanish, and so many other things have become central to my success.  I have already had professors comment on the extent of my understanding of how to write and synthesize ideas.  Additionally, my Spanish professor was very impressed at my level of comprehension and ability to write in the language as a freshman …

Stay encouraged by knowing that what you are doing has such a great value in students’ lives. … The world is big and scary, but I rest in knowing a God who is bigger and who has over come the world.

Is the investment worth it?  The above pretty much says it all!


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