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Worldview Matters!

October 22, 2014
By John Morrison

I talked in a recent blog about the prevailing, but false, notion of the secular and sacred when it comes to vocation.  Even among Christians, the prevailing notion seems to be that what the pastor or missionary does is sacred, while all the rest of us are engaged in secular vocations.  One of the outworkings of this non-biblical worldview is the “compartmentalization” of life, where even Christians believe their “secular,” vocational life is somehow removed from the Christian “compartment” of their lives.

So it is that one of the primary goals of Christian education must be to provide our young people with a biblical set of presuppositions concerning every aspect of life.  In the case of our work, we must help our children learn that all legitimate vocations are an opportunity to serve the cause of God’s kingdom.  Indeed, God has called us to be His salt and light not only as we work with others, but also as we do our work as unto Him.  That is, the notion of the secular versus the sacred is really a false dichotomy, in that all areas of the believer’s life are to be under the Lordship of Christ!

When Christians awaken to the realization that their work is a primary means of serving the cause of Christ, it can be life-changing as well as culture changing!  

Our November 8 seminar will have much to say about the the Biblical worldview concerning work.  We trust it will be another strategic foundation stone in helping our students develop a Christian worldview concerning this important topic.  It should also be a great challenge and encouragement to all adults who attend!  Please not only join us, but also invite friends and others whom you feel might benefit by attending this important event.  Indeed, Worldview Matters!

WHEN: Saturday, November 8, 2014 from 9:00 am - 12:30 pm
WHERE: Memorial Baptist Church
224 Taylor Street, Staunton (across from Robert E. Lee High School)
PRESENTER: Dr. Christian Overman (
This event is open to the public and free of charge.

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Parents as Their Child's Primary "Guidance Counselors"

October 09, 2014
By John Morrison

In the last several years, we have sensed the Holy Spirit leading us as a school to place a greater emphasis upon preparing our youth to better understand the importance of seeking God for a sense of His vocational calling upon their lives.  In my last blog, I talked about the false dichotomy between the sacred and secular; that is, any vocational calling - be it pastor, missionary, plumber, carpenter, executive, secretary, homemaker, etc. - is of value in God’s eyes if we are walking out that calling “as unto the Lord” in faith.

It was surely no coincidence that this week’s high school chapel speaker, Ms. Bethany Pennington from Wheaton College, spoke to this same topic.  That is, all God-given callings are “sacred” when we walk them out as an act of worship unto the Lord!

This is much of the context for our “career and calling” emphasis at Grace Christian School.  We want our students to better appreciate the importance of seeking to know God’s vocational calling on their lives.  We also want to become far more effective in encouraging and equipping parents in their God-given responsibility to dialogue and pray together on an on-going basis with their children concerning this important issue.

Sadly, whereas in past generations parents used to routinely be their children’s primary “guidance counselors,” the norm, at least in public education, is for the school to often be far more engaged in guiding and advising students than the parents.  While the school should certainly support the parents in this aspect of the child’s education, we believe the Bible makes clear that this is primarily a parental responsibility!

In our November 8 seminar, entitled God’s Pleasure at Work, Dr. Christian Overman of Worldview Matters will be focusing on practical ways that parents can help guide their children more effectively in discerning God’s leading for their lives in a vocational context.  We highly encourage our Grace community to attend.

This seminar is also open to the general public and is free of charge.   Please pass the word by forwarding this blog to friends and others you believe might benefit.  We believe what Dr. Overman shares will not only help equip us as parents and educators, but also challenge all of us to think in a more Biblical manner about our work.

Let me also emphasize that middle and high school students will also benefit greatly from this event.  Come join us!

WHEN: Saturday, November 8, 2014 from 9:00 am - 12:30 pm

WHERE: Memorial Baptist Church
224 Taylor Street, Staunton (across from Robert E. Lee High School)

PRESENTER: Dr. Christian Overman (

This event is free of charge.

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The Sacred, the Secular & Christian Education

October 01, 2014
By John Morrison

One of the commonly accepted notions in popular culture is the idea of the sacred versus the secular.  We could define the sacred as that which is spiritual and of eternal value.  The popular notion is that pastors, missionaries, Christian educators, and others like them are engaged in “God’s work.”  In contrast, the secular is thought of as engaging in that which is temporal, in that which has little eternal value.  It is assumed that the construction worker, car salesman, business person, and those engaged in similar “secular” vocations are not performing work of the same spiritual value as those who are engaged in “sacred” callings!

This is a sad dichotomy that has become commonly accepted even in Christian circles.  The Bible makes clear that there is no sacred/secular divide, and that all legitimate vocational callings are of equal value in God’s sight as they are done in faith “as unto the Lord.”  God has called His people to be sprinkled throughout culture as nurses, car mechanics, business owners, plumbers, etc., as His ambassadors.  Such vocational callings are potentially no less “spiritual” than that of the pastor or missionary.

Furthermore, this sacred/secular mindset leads to the compartmentalization of faith, where “spirituality” is practiced on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights, and then we live the rest of our “secular” lives during the week.  

As parents and Christian educators, it is extremely important that we expose this non-Biblical notion of the secular versus sacred.  All of life, including all legitimate vocational callings, is sacred in God’s eyes, and we must impress upon our young people that they are called to serve God as His ambassadors vocationally wherever He may call them.

This will be a major theme of our November 8 seminar entitled God’s Pleasure at Work, featuring Dr. Christian Overman, founder of Worldview Matters.  We trust that this incisive presentation developed by Dr. Overman will have great impact upon adults and students alike in helping us better understand the nature of God’s vocational calling on our lives.

We hope many of you will attend and will also invite others in your church and in our community who might benefit.  We have flyers that can be inserted in church bulletins or posted around our community which we will share with you upon request.  

Let’s pray that this will be an outstanding time as we seek to strengthen our sense of covenant community in working together to prepare our young people to serve Christ in every area of life!

WHAT: God's Pleasure at Work Seminar
WHEN: November 8, 2014 from 9:00 am-12:30 pm
WHERE: Memorial Baptist Church
224 Taylor Street, Staunton (across from Robert E. Lee High School)
PRESENTER: Dr. Christian Overman (

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