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Archives - May 2014

Christ, GCS Concerts and Ultimate Reality

May 06, 2014
By John Morrison

I have not blogged recently because of the busyness associated with our recently completed accreditation process as well as our planning for next year.

However, I feel compelled to comment on two recent school events and their significance in terms of an important distinctive that I hope is a vital aspect our school.

Most recently (last night, in fact), our high school chorus presented their annual spring concert.  Not only was it an outstanding musical presentation, but more profoundly, it was a Christ-honoring and Holy Spirit-anointed worship time for, I believe, all who attended.  And this was consistent with the prayer expressed by one of the choristers at the beginning of the program – that God would be glorified through the presentation.  For those of us who attended, it was, indeed, a moving experience!

And less than a week ago, we conducted our annual Grandparents’ Day for our pre-kindergarten through grade three students.  With 200 plus attendees (grandparents, parents, staff, and other friends), these young children “entertained” us with their recitations, songs, and just simply by being their cute selves on the stage.

But what really stands out for me was how Christ was honored in their presentation, as well, with each group of students pointing to His reality.  The program ended with all the children assembled on the stage leading those in attendance in a very moving rendition of “Holy, Holy, Holy.”  As was the case with the high school choral concert, the elementary program pointed clearly to the King of Kings as being our ultimate reality!

I am quite proud of our staff and students, on both campuses, and appreciative for their hard work in preparing for these two events.  But what really strikes me is just how profound a privilege it is for us at GCS to be able to focus upon the truths of Christianity and, therefore, upon ultimate reality about life itself.  God is the basis of all truth.  And we should never take for granted simple but extremely vital distinctives such as this freedom for us to emphasize the reality of God to our children.

This is in stark contrast, sadly, to the public sector, where the ultimate reality of God cannot be officially sanctioned, and He must be “swept under the carpet,” so to speak.  Indeed, an education that cannot be centered upon the ultimate reality of God is sadly incomplete.  I think, even as Christians, we often fail to fully appreciate this profound point.

So … thanks to our high school choristers, our elementary students, and those staff and volunteers who work so tirelessly with them for keeping Christ at the center of all things!  May He use Grace Christian School in the days ahead to help establish our young people in this most important Reality of all of life, and may they be equipped to impact their world to the praise of His glory!

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