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Career and Calling: An Essential Aspect of a Truly Christian Education

September 24, 2014
By John Morrison

All too often, schools are so focused upon the academic preparation of their students that, upon graduation from high school, young people have little idea of any specific vocational direction for their lives.  Frankly, many schools seem deficient when it comes to working with their students and their parents in this aspect of the educational process.  And, sadly, we see so many young adults simply drifting through life without a clear sense of purpose

In recent years, we at Grace Christian have been increasingly focusing on ways that we can make a greater impact upon our students in helping them sense God’s calling into potential vocational fields that match their particular interests and aptitudes.   Furthermore, we are seeking to proactively engage with parents in this process, serving as a resource and support in this all-important parenting responsibility.  Thus, we have developed our “Student Path to Career and Calling” program familiar now to an increasing number of GCS parents.

As a part of this crucial emphasis in preparing our students for a fruitful life of serving Christ vocationally, we are sponsoring a half-day seminar for our middle and high school students, their parents, our staff, local pastors and congregations, and the homeschool community, in order to address this extremely important topic.  Author and international speaker, Dr. Christian Overman, of Worldview Matters, will join us on November 8 to challenge us with important, Biblical principles pertaining to God’s perspective on this matter of “work,” specifically addressing the concept of bridging the sacred-secular divide.  

Because of the importance of this event, we are actually counting November 8 -- a Saturday -- as a school day in order to encourage attendance.  We believe this could literally be a life-changing day not only for our students, but also for their parents.  I would urge you to make plans to attend this three and a half hour program (9:00 am - 12:30 pm) to be hosted at Memorial Baptist Church, 224 Taylor Street, Staunton, Virginia.  This event is open to all who would like to attend!  

So … please join us for this very important occasion.  And also help us spread the word!  Forward this blog to those whom you think might benefit.  We also have pamphlets available upon request that you could distribute, including in your church’s bulletin as an insert.

We hope we will see you on November 8 at Memorial Baptist.  Indeed, this could be a life-changing event for all who attend.

A Notable Endorsement from Chuck Colson …“I pray the Lord will continue to open every door for Worldview Matters to get your message to the masses. As the cultural sweep toward postmodern thinking continues to infect our educational institutions, home and churches, the need for what you are doing is greater today than ever.”

If you would like to respond to this blog, please email John Morrison at

The New School Year, Covenant Community and Other Odds & Ends

September 04, 2014
By John Morrison

Your feedback last year on my first attempt at blogging (per my own, homemade style) was quite encouraging.  So, here is my first blog for this new school year.

We certainly are quite encouraged with the great start to this 2014/15 session.  With approximately 270 students and what we sense will be a great teaching and staff team, we are looking forward to an outstanding year.

Thanks so much for the great turnout at our first parents’ meeting held on August 25.  Your feedback after the meeting was greatly encouraging.  Indeed, our emphasis on seeking to develop a greater dynamic of covenant community among parents, students and staff seems to have resonated with many of you.

I would re-emphasize that, by far, the chief characteristic of covenant community should be our commitment to pray for our students, staff, and one another.  Indeed, it is increasingly obvious to me that apart from Christ and His very real and present anointing and blessing, we can do nothing of eternal import.  I hope all will be committed to praying and interceding to this end!

Also, we are appealing  to our parents to make a point to attend our parent meetings and school events in order to help build a greater sense of community.  As concerns our parent meetings, we will do our best to make these times relevant and worthwhile!  The next events are our Family Social at the elementary school campus tomorrow (Sept. 5), from 5:30-7:30 pm, and Back-to-School Nights on September 8 and 9 (see details in our weekly eTWAAG or on our website).

While this blog is directed primarily toward our school parents, I trust that many of our GCS alumni, grandparents and other friends of this school will enjoy reading these posts.  When a particular blog seems especially relevant, please consider forwarding it to others who might benefit.  The blogs will be emailed to our current list and posted on the GCS website, as well as on our Facebook page.

We have a special sense of excitement and anticipation as we move forward in this new school year.  Let’s really bear down in prayer and intercession for our students, families and larger school community, trusting God to use the school to make a profound impact in our students and beyond!

“The greatest thing anyone can do for God and man is pray.  It is not the only thing; but it is the chief thing.  The great people of the earth today are the people who pray.  I do not mean those who talk about prayer; nor those who say they believe in prayer; nor yet those who can explain about prayer; but I mean those people who take time to pray.” ~ S.D. Gordon

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