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Archives - November 2015

Thanksgiving Wishes

November 24, 2015
By John Morrison

As we approach this very special Thanksgiving holiday, I am reminded of the Biblical admonition to “in everything give thanks” (1 Thess 5:18).  Indeed, the word “thanks” is used fifty times in the Psalms alone!  And in many cases, the psalmist was in difficult circumstances!  Nevertheless, his larger perspective was that there was always good reason to give thanks to a loving and gracious God who is providentially over our lives.

We are certainly thankful for each of our school families, our dedicated staff, our alumni and community of friends, and for the wonderful provision of God in terms of our facilities and other material provisions needed to carry on this ministry.  For thirty-five years, God has blessed Grace Christian School in many ways, and I want to publicly acknowledge His faithfulness with a great big “THANK YOU, HEAVENLY FATHER!”

Best wishes to each of you who reads this “blog” for a very special Thanksgiving holiday!

PS.  I apologize for neglecting my “blogging” over recent months.  Indeed, it has been a busy time of evaluating any number of aspects of our school life, in that we are always working on ways to improve our program.  In any case, I am hopeful of beginning a systematic series of blogs in the near future addressing our vision for Grace Christian School and how we can more effectively impact our students for Christ.  Stay tuned!


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