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"Do You Believe God Will Save Your Kids?"

February 03, 2015
By John Morrison

I would like to heartily thank all who turned out last night on such a cold evening for our parents’ meeting.  It was good to share together and to enjoy a sense of our “covenant community"!

In the context of what was shared last night, I thought it no mere coincidence that I received an email this morning from one of our staff with a link to an excellent blog by Tim Challies entitled Do You Believe God Will Save Your Kids?  I think it very nicely balances out many of the things we shared last night.  Even if you were not able to attend our meeting, you will be greatly blessed with what Challies shares.  So … instead of my normal blog post, let me refer you to this encouraging piece. Click here to read the article by Challies.

- John Morrison

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