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Clarifying the Essential Educational Priorities for our Children: Part 3

March 04, 2015
By John Morrison

All Christian parents, as a matter of first importance, should understand the implications of this statement by Francis Schaeffer as quoted in my last blog:

It is unreasonable to expect people of the next generation in any age to continue in the historic Christian position, unless they are helped to see where arguments and connotations brought against Christianity and against them by their generation are fallacious. (Schaeffer, The God Who is There)

Understanding Schaeffer may stretch our grey cells, but we as parents cannot afford to miss his fundamental point.  Indeed, our children must be thoroughly equipped with the content of Christian truth and the critical thinking skills needed to defend it if they are to stand as believers in a militantly secular culture.

The New York Times article linked below illustrates Schaeffer’s point.  While it, too, will stretch our grey cells, I would challenge every parent to take the time needed to read it very thoughtfully and reflectively.  It effectively demonstrates the implicit, life-changing impact a secular education can have upon children, even those raised in Christian homes.   

It also helps us better understand the rapid movement in American public education away from local autonomy to a more nationalized system of educational standards as represented by what is known as “the Common Core.”  We are not alarmists or over-reacting when we sound the warning that deeply anti-Christian values are embedded in these nationwide standards that are now affecting almost every public school system in America.

If you have any doubts about the deeply disturbing trends in secular education, and if you care deeply for your children, I urge you to read this important article accessed via the following link.  It is well worth your time!

New York Times - "Why Our Children Don't Think There Are Moral Facts"   

When we see what is at stake, we will have a far better sense of the essential priority of providing our children with a distinctively Christian education.  Perhaps nothing may be of greater importance to their future!

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