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An Amazing Story from Ukraine

March 23, 2016
By John Morrison

Our friend Dr. Christian Overman has written a blog that I think brings further insight to the theme of secular versus Christian education that I have been featuring this year.  Dr. Overman’s short film clip as linked in his blog documenting his visit to two Ukrainian schools provides a unique perspective on the preciousness of Christian education and, in stark contrast, the unfortunate void that is created in society when God is dismissed from our children’s education.  I think you will be both encouraged and challenged in taking the time to read Dr. Overman’s short blog (click here) and also viewing the four minute video.

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Religious Neutrality?

March 09, 2016
By John Morrison

In this on-going series of blogs, I have made some rather strong statements concerning the powerful influence of secularist education in driving the dramatic shift in our cultural values and mindset.  Some of what I have shared may seem for some to be rather extreme.

But I would like for us to consider these “extreme” words by Jesus: "He who is not with Me is against Me; and he who does not gather with Me scatters" (Matt 12:30).  If we take this saying at face value, we must understand that there is no neutrality when it comes to the learning that takes place in our students at the level of their basic assumptions about truth.  

We must not be muddle-minded in understanding this vital point: the prevailing public education plank that claims "religious neutrality" as a hallmark of public schools is an inherently fallacious claim.  It is self-contradictory because, in itself, it is a religious claim purporting a belief, or assumption, that there is such a thing as so-called religious neutrality.  And such a belief is in stark contradiction to the words of Jesus quoted above, and worth noting again: "He who is not with Me is against Me; and he who does not gather with Me scatters" (Matt 12:30).

Our dear friend, Dr.Christian Overman, brings further emphasis to this point:

      ... this question of not mixing faith with education needs to be carefully re-examined.  The question is not whether faith will be allowed to mix with education, but which faith will be mixed?  The fact is, faith is being mixed with state schools today on a daily basis.  It's just a different kind of faith than the one that was mixed with U.S. schools for some 200 years.    

Does it sound like Jesus would smile upon any system of teaching that does not explicitly affirm His truth as the fundamental ground of reality undergirding all being and existence?  Such a question potentially steps on more than a few toes.  However, we cannot be selective in picking and choosing the sayings of Jesus when it comes to such an important issue as the education of our children.  There simply can be no "religious neutrality" as concerns this all important issue.

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Christianity in America: A Rapidly Dwindling Minority?

March 02, 2016
By John Morrison

In my series of blogs, I have spoken much about the inherently religious nature of secularism and its disastrous impact on the mindset of our North American culture. Some of you may feel that I am over-emphasizing this theme; however, we need to be well-informed as concerns these often subtle influences as they potentially affect not only our children, but our own mindset as adults, as well!  I hope my readers will take the time to read this short, but insightful blog by Dr. Christian Overman, founder of Worldview Matters and author of the WRAP program in which our school is privileged to participate.  

To read Dr. Overman’s excellent blog click here.

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