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Celebrating GCS Students - Part 3

April 27, 2016
By John Morrison

Wow!  If you did not see this past weekend’s production of The Wizard of Oz by our middle and high school students, you missed out on an outstanding event!  With a cast and production crew of approximately 55 students, director Kayla Farmer, assisted by musical director Karen Palumbo and many volunteers, pulled off a first-class performance of this musical.  

Close to 900 tickets were sold, with two of the three performances being sold-out.  Costumes were out of this world, props were of professional quality, the singing and dancing and choreography were top-notch, and we all were entertained with a truly outstanding show!  

Thanks to all who worked so tirelessly to bring this production to fruition.  We know it was lots of hard work, but we are so appreciative for the time and effort you put into this production.  

Mrs. Farmer … you are the best!  And, for those students involved in this production, I cannot commend you enough for your outstanding performances.  We look forward to continuing to build our fine arts program in the future and glorifying God through these efforts.

I am proud of you all!  

Below are some wonderful pictures from The Wizard of Oz, compliments of GCS parent and photographer, Kati Grow.

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We Have Become Fools!

April 21, 2016
By John Morrison

I have been featuring accomplishments by GCS students in my series of blogs as we enter the countdown to the end of this school year.  However, I would like to interrupt this series by sharing a very disturbing, short blog from our friend, Dr. Christian Overman, of Worldview Matters.

Please carefully read it.  And please make a point to view the four minute video linked at the end.  I find at times that many among us remain quite naive in terms of the very rapid pace of social change and how it is profoundly impacting our youth.  The battle over how we view truth and reality is intense, and as you will see in this short video, many of the next generation are falling for some absurd notions or, as Dr. Overman has entitled his blog: “We Have Become Fools!”

Please take time to Dr. Overman's blog (below) and view the video at the end of the blog.  Much is at stake here, and this is why we must provide our children with a distinctly Christian set of assumptions about truth and reality!

We Have Become Fools
Dr. Christian Overman; Worldview Matters

In the United States, serious discussion is now going on about whether or not we should allow males who think they are females to use women's bathrooms and shower rooms, and vice versa. This includes allowing students in elementary and secondary schools to make the same choice, depending on which "identity" they choose. If you live in the contemporary West, this conversation is coming to your town soon.

How did we get to this point?

The answer is found in Romans 1:18-32. The contemporary West has gone the way of the ancient Romans, who went the way of the ancient Greeks before them. We (I use the term in a general sense) have "suppressed the truth in unrighteousness" for the past 150 years, and God has now given us over to a way of thinking that can only be described as "futile," "foolish," and "darkened." These are the apostle Paul's terms.

Professing ourselves to be "wise," as the most esteemed thinkers of our age have thought themselves to be (I am referring to the likes of Friedrich Nietzsche, Charles Darwin, William James, John Dewey and Jacque Derrida), we have become fools.  

A new video clip of students being interviewed on the campus of my alma mater, the University of Washington (produced by the Family Policy Institute of Washington), proves the point beyond any shadow of doubt. Among other critical issues, the video addresses the question of whether a 5'9" white man who says he is a 6'5" Chinese woman is wrong─or not. You must see it to believe it.

I think I'll be sending my sheepskin back.  Click here for the video link.

GCS readers ... please make sure to click the above link and view this four minute video.  This is no isolated phenomenon.  We are reading in this week’s news that the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for our region just ruled that the Gloucester, VA, school system was discriminatory for not allowing a transgender student to use the opposite gender restrooms and locker rooms.  This decision has very sobering ramifications for public policy here in Virginia unless it is overturned by the Supreme Court.  And, what you view in the video is unquestionably  the growing consensus among younger generations  reflecting our “politically correct” culture!  Our own children are hearing these messages through pop culture and social media.  Will they be trained and prepared to process these radical ideas in the context of the biblical, Christian  mindset?  We must work hard to ensure that we give them our best effort  in equipping  them to stand in  an increasingly hostile culture!   John Morrison

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Celebrating GCS Students - Part 2

April 14, 2016
By John Morrison

     Last week I started a series of blogs celebrating accomplishments by our GCS students.  We celebrated in part 1 the significant accomplishments of this year’s seniors in terms of their acceptances by over nineteen notable colleges or universities.

     This week, I would like to celebrate the accomplishments of a number of GCS students who participated in the Staunton Music Festival’s “Writer’s Ear” contest.  The March 29 edition of the News Leader described this event as follows:

     Hundreds of students have been busy the last few months listening intently to five different musical works and letting their imaginations run wild.  It’s all part of the Writer’s Ear Project, a contest sponsored by the Staunton Music Festival to educate and inspire school-age children through great music. The music featured this year ranges from a solo violin work by Baroque master J.S. Bach to a vigorous percussion duet by James Madison University composer and performer Eric Guinivan.

     Out of approximately 220 entries from local schools in grades three through eight, GCS students distinguished themselves by capturing the following awards:

     First prizes ($25 gift cards to Books- A -Million)

        Lillian Brown, grade 7

        Mary Quinn Franklin, grade 4

        Katie Greenmun, grade 5

     Second prizes ($15 gift card to Books-A-Million)

        Autumn Ratigan, grade 8

     Honorable mentions ($10 gift card to Books-A-Million)

        Aubrey Greenmun, grade 3

     As one proud GCS parent pointed out, of six participating schools, GCS and Wilson Middle were the top two schools garnering awards.  Way to go GCS and Wilson students!  

     And congrats and thanks to music teachers Marie Masincup and Karen Palumbo, and GCS classroom teachers for doing such a great job with all of our students!

     Thanks, too, to the Staunton Music Festival for sponsoring this wonderful event for local students!    We are proud of all who participated!

From left to right, Aubrey Greenmun, Katie Greenmun, Mary Quinn Franklin, Autumn Ratigan
and Lillian Brown.


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Celebrating GCS Students - Part 1

April 06, 2016
By John Morrison

   As we begin the countdown to the end of the school year, I want to change gears a bit with my blogs by celebrating our GCS students and their many accomplishments.  In this particular piece, I want to acknowledge our seniors in the context of their notable success with their college acceptances thus far.

  While I quickly acknowledge that college is not for every GCS grad, and that alternative vocational tracks are increasingly attractive and represent strategic arenas to serve Christ, college acceptances are, nevertheless, one measure of our students’ academic foundation and preparation for “life after high school!”  In this context, our seniors have already been accepted by the following schools (with the list continuing to grow):

Messiah College Wheaton College College of William and Mary
James Madison University Liberty University University of Michigan
Lee University Roanoke College Christopher Newport University
Indiana University Bridgewater College Eastern Mennonite University
Regent University Geneva College Blue Ridge Community College
Mary Baldwin College Lynchburg College University of Cincinnati
Radford University    

   A number of our seniors have also been awarded significant academic scholarships and other sources of financial assistance.   I will include an update on final numbers when all the figures are in.

  Congrats to our GCS seniors on this significant record of accomplishment.  We are proud of you!  Your hard work has paid off!  

   Praise the Lord, as well, for favoring our students and also raising up such wonderful staff who have invested so tirelessly in our students over many years!

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