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Archives - June 2016

Celebrating GCS Students - Part 7

June 02, 2016
By John Morrison

In recent weeks, I have enjoyed celebrating the accomplishments of many of our GCS students from various grade levels.  Indeed, there has been no shortage of opportunities to recognize a significant number of very gifted and hard working children and young people in view of their many accomplishments!

This week, I would like to congratulate our twenty-one graduates on their successful completion of high school.   For those of you who attended our graduation events, it was obvious that this class represents a very talented group.

One of their very noteworthy achievements is their success in winning significant financial assistance for college.  The class of 2016 has been awarded more than $522,000.00 thus far, with several students receiving a “full ride” at their chosen college or university!!!  This, to say the least, is quite an accomplishment!  Way to go, grads!

I have to chuckle to myself, in that years ago, there were questions from time to time from some who doubted whether students from a small school like GCS could “compete” with students from larger, public schools.  Hopefully, the above figure gives an emphatic answer to that question!  Previous GCS classes have also been quite successful when it comes to scholarships and grants at the college level.

And let me share a hearty and public thanks  to Mrs. Cindy Mims, our guidance counselor, who worked tirelessly behind the scenes in shepherding many of our graduates through the process of applying for college and related scholarships and grants.  Mrs. Mims has been such a blessing to our school and our seniors, in particular!  

We will miss this very special group of students as they move on into the next season of their lives. We pray God’s hand of guidance and blessing will remain upon them, and that they will effectively serve His purposes in the days to come.

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