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Our New GCS Sports Hall of Fame

February 23, 2017
By John Morrison

This week,  let me catch you up on a very special event held recently as described by George McNair, our assistant high school principal.   JM


GCS Hall of Fame inductees in attendance: (front) Jody (Bailey) Ledezma, Jessie (Mims) Deleon, Katie (Quillen) Santana, Kathryn Rawley, (back) Carly Kinder, Chad Gery, Bill Sterrett, Krista (Summers) Singleton, Katie (Summers) Crews. 

Many GCS alumni will agree that some of their most lasting memories at Grace have come while playing sports.  In any given year, it is common for a majority of the student body to be involved in the GCS sports program. It is undeniable that sports at Grace have been and continue to be an indelible part of our school’s community. Because of the legacy established by our past players and coaches, it seemed long overdue to honor some of our most exceptional former athletes, and in so doing, also honor their families, teammates, and coaches, as well.

On January 20, during Grace’s Homecoming night, 14 GCS graduates were inducted into the newly created Grace Christian School Sports Hall of Fame. The inductees included, Grace (Morrison) Guedet (1993), Bill Sterrett (1995), Krista (Summers) Singleton (1997), Jody (Bailey) Ledezma (1997), Katie (Summers) Crews (1999), Michael Gilbert (1999), EJ Wall (2001), Katie (Quillen) Santana (2003), Ashley (Branch) Fish (2003), Jessie (Mims) Deleon (2004), Kathryn Rawley (2004), Sara Quillen (2006), Carly Kinder (2007), and Chad Gery (2007). Headmaster John Morrison delivered the address, honoring these individuals, while recounting some of their most impressive accomplishments. Following the ceremony, the GCS Sports Hall of Fame Wall was unveiled at the Activities Center. The wall includes plaques of each of the GCS Hall of Fame inductees, as well as other plaques and pictures which honor past coaches, players, teams, and the history of Grace’s gym floor (which once belonged to the Cleveland Cavaliers). In the future, we look forward to adding more GCS Hall of Fame players to this wall.

The next time you enter the gym, take a moment to look at the Hall of Fame Wall. It represents God’s blessing on Grace Christian School, and by extension, every family that has been a part of the school. He has provided in countless ways, over many years, and continues to do so today.

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High School Heartwork

February 16, 2017
By John Morrison

In this week’s blog, let’s shift gears a bit and catch up on some GCS happenings.  I thought many of my readers would appreciate this piece by one of our high school seniors, Jeremy Hardigree, on a very interesting project undertaken by our high school students.

"My One Shirt" worn by Byron Forsyth, Daniel Eiker, Jacqueline Showalter and
David Hagenseker.

This year, our high school is again partnering with Heartwork, which is a 30-day discipleship program designed to teach students the joy of "spending themselves" for others.  Our goal is to transform the way we look at the world through changing the way we live.

My fellow classmates and I are doing some rather uncomfortable things over the next 30 days like sleeping on the floor, taking cold showers, eating just rice and beans and wearing the same shirt every day for a month (see picture above with "My One Shirt.")  The idea behind "My One Shirt" is to cultivate empathy for the children we are supporting who often only have one set of clothes.  Wearing just one shirt for 30 days keeps us aware of the people we're supporting and reminding us of their condition.

We are doing these things in an effort to understand the way others live and to develop compassion for them.  We are also raising money for the Philippines Rescue Home, an establishment that saves girls who are victims of human trafficking and the sex trade in the Philippines.  We are excited and privileged to be able to support this mission to help change lives across the globe, while at the same time, changing the way we live our own lives as well.  Isaiah 58:10:  "and if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness and your night will become like the noonday." 

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The Second Most Important Textbook

February 08, 2017
By John Morrison

Since last week’s blog in which I linked my readers to Glen Schultz’s excellent piece about the most important textbook our children can study (the Bible), I have had a number of folks ask me to name the second most important textbook (per Glen’s mentioning, but not naming it).  Well, I can’t leave folks hanging, so here is part two of Glen’s series on the two most important textbooks that should undergird all of education.  

Thank you, Glen, for these challenging and informative words!  Click here to read Glen’s blog.

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Profoundly Simple, and Simply Profound

February 01, 2017
By John Morrison

There really are only two fundamental possibilities undergirding our existence: either we are products of random, impersonal chance, or we are personal creatures whose origin is derived from the Personal Creator.  

Furthermore, as I emphasized last week, there are only two possibilities for determining truth about reality: either we as finite humans are the final arbiter of truth, or God, in His transcendent reality, is our infinite reference point.  Of this second alternative, A. W. Tozer observed: God is not silent.”  That is, God not only exists as the Absolute One, but He also personally communicates Himself and His truth to mankind in humanly understandable terms.

This really is the bottom line when it comes to the two options for educating our children: either we will immerse them in secularist assumptions or in the Christian worldview.  There really is no in-between: there can be no “both/and;” rather, it must be “either/or” when it comes to the kind of education our little ones receive.

In this context, I would encourage my readers to consider Glen Schultz’s insightful blog per the below link.  Glen is a lifelong, highly respected Christian educator.  While what he says is quite simple, it is simply profound.  And no issue is any more important for us as parents and educators!

Please click here to access Glen’s blog.  Thank you, Glen, for this excellent piece!

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