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Head of School Search

Grace Christian School, Staunton, Virginia has begun the search for a new Head of School filling the position that will be vacated with the anticipated retirement of the current and founding head of school during the Spring/Summer of 2018. The school is seeking an energetic, inspirational leader who will engage with the greater school community and school supporters.

The Head of School provides for the spiritual and overall leadership of the school along with oversight of operations, financial, and development activities. The Head of School shall provide leadership from the heart that exhibits a personal commitment and calling to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. He/she will also champion a Christian worldview education that addresses the spiritual formation needs of the students through academics, athletics, and the arts.

Job Summary

The Head of School serves as the chief executive of the school and is responsible for the success of the school under his/her oversight.  The Head of School provides inspirational, educational, and administrative leadership to the school. The person in this position is responsible for the leadership and direction of all phases of the school’s operations, programs, budget, personnel, and environment in accordance with the direction and policies established by the school board. The Head of School answers directly to the school board.

Essential Functions

The Head of School will provide operational leadership and lead strategic planning in the areas of financial management, human resources, legal compliance and facility management.  The position also provides instructional leadership by overseeing the structure and resources dedicated to curriculum development and instruction of the curriculum. The Head of School also provides oversight of advancement and development programs in the areas of constituency relations, fund-raising, and student recruitment. The head also serves as the “face of the school” representing the school at local, regional and state levels and with parents, churches and community groups.

Professional Qualifications

Faith – The successful candidate must have and profess a personal and mature commitment to faith in Jesus Christ and be in full agreement with the school’s Statement of Faith and Mission Statement.

Education – At a minimum, candidates for the position should hold a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited postsecondary institution. A Master’s degree in Educational Administration is preferred.

Experience and Key Skills – The successful candidate should have

  • demonstrated effective leadership in a similarly-sized organization
  • a proven record of building and leading a strong team
  • proficiency in written and verbal communications skills
  • prior experience with donor development
  • a solid understanding of related technology

If you need to contact us in regard to the application process, please click here.

Overview of Grace Christian School

Founded in 1980, Grace Christian School, which continues as a ministry of Community Fellowship Church, began with a total of seven children in a combined kindergarten and first grade class.  Today, GCS serves over 330 preschool to twelfth grade students on two separate campuses. Grace has graduated 430 young men and women and continues to instruct students based on its founding conviction that children from Christian families should receive an education rooted in a thoroughly Biblical worldview. Through God’s continued blessing, GCS is debt free with a solid financial foundation.

Grace Christian School currently serves over 200 families from a three county radius, representing over 70 Christian churches.  As from its first day of operation, Grace Christian strives to assist Christian parents by providing a sound academic education in a Christ-centered environment designed to prepare our young people to know God and to live in obedience to His will for their lives.

Philosophy of Education

At Grace Christian School, education is about far more than helping ensure students’ mastery of traditional academic disciplines.  At its core, it should inspire within the young person a love for truth, because the pursuit of truth ultimately leads one to God and His revelation to man through Jesus Christ.  Christian education is rooted in the belief that the Bible is infallible in all its truth claims. Therefore, Bible is not only the most important class, but Biblical truth must also be integrated into all academic subjects.

The school motto, coram Deo, best expresses how Biblical truth is integrated in all areas of teaching at GCS.  R.C. Sproul explains the concept of coram Deo as, “To live under the presence of God, to live under the authority of God, and to live to the glory of God.” Our students shouldn’t just experience God’s truth in Bible class and Chapel, but when learning science, history, math, drama, basketball, etc. The goal is to help our students realize they cannot withhold certain segments of their lives from God but that their faith impacts their entire lives. There is no separation between their secular and sacred lives. Christians are to infiltrate the culture, taking with them the power of God’s Word lived out in human flesh.

Grace Christian School strives to provide a traditional, Christian liberal arts education that also emphasizes the mastery of basic knowledge in the fundamental academic disciplines including language arts, mathematics, science and social studies.  Unless a student becomes proficient in the content of these subjects, he or she will be unable to progress effectively to the next level of learning: the mastery of critical thinking skills.

Teaching students to become independent, discerning thinkers is essential to their growth as mature Christians who will not only function as productive citizens in our culture, but who will do so as thoughtful representatives of Christ.


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