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Higher Education...or Higher Conditioning?

January 25, 2018
By John Morrison
Image from Nitinai Thabthong/Shutterstock and Rod Dreher blog cited below

I have spoken recently with several very concerned parents whose children are now enrolled in a public university or prestigious private college.  Initially, they were so proud that their son or daughter had been accepted by a highly touted school.  In many cases, they were doubly proud at the amount of scholarship and financial aid that was awarded as a result of their child's hard work in high school.  But now they are deeply concerned as they are discovering just how far these schools have gravitated toward the radical left and politically correct mindset that views orthodox Christianity as intolerant and bigoted.  

Even for those students who are seemingly secure in their Christian faith and worldview, after four plus years of an intense orientation in a very secularist environment, many find their faith stunted, or even destroyed, as a result.  And the irony for many Christian parents is that they have spent literally thousands of their hard earned dollars to pay for such an education, and/or their children have incurred thousands of dollars of debt.

This particular blog is not intended to suggest that Christian parents should not send their children to secular colleges and universities.  But if they do, they should proceed with great caution and with their eyes fully open to the reality of just how hostile many such institutions have become to our faith values.  Christian parents and students should at least keep good, Christian colleges and universities on their radar when considering higher education.  And they should most certainly talk with some of the parents who now look back with regrets over sending their children away to secular universities, prestigious though those institutions may be in the world's eyes.

Click here to view a blog by Rod Dreher that addresses this important topic.  I would make it quite clear that I do not agree with or endorse everything Dreher has to say. But I think this piece makes valuable observations about the extremes of what is taking place and the pressures our young people are facing on many post-secondary campuses.  Parents should, at the very least, ensure that they are not naive when it comes to the all important decisions related to their children's continuing and higher education!

Let me quote just two lines from Dreher's blog: "I’m committed to getting my kids a decent education, but not at the price of sacrificing their character .... I see too many examples of people that didn’t think about this stuff, trusted the education system and culture, and their kids are doubting their faith."

May God give each of our families much wisdom as they contemplate “life after high school” for their children!  

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