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Important Announcement and Testimony to God's Faithfulness!!!

May 08, 2018
By John Morrison
Dr. Don Larson, newly appointed GCS Head of School

This past January our governing board chair, Jan Ingram, announced to our school community that we were beginning a formal search for a new head of school to succeed me.  After thirty-eight years of my serving GCS as head of school, we knew transition to a new leader was inevitable, and we felt there was much wisdom in being proactive in this process.

We are pleased to announce that God, in His faithfulness, has raised up someone who we believe is uniquely qualified and called to carry on and move forward this very special school ministry!

Dr. Don Larson "just happened" to be a part of the Renewanation team that visited our school in February as part of our formal school evaluation process.  After participating in this very in-depth evaluation of GCS over two full days, Dr. Larson was quite impressed with our school program and, after much prayer and seeking God with his wife, Marielle, sensed the Holy Spirit leading him to submit an application for our head of school opening.

Our dedicated board, after an extensive time of evaluating over twenty applications that had been submitted, narrowed the choices to several top candidates. Then, with significant input from our administrative team, the board came to the unanimous conclusion that Dr. Larson not only was eminently qualified in a professional context, but also shared the same fundamental spiritual values, vision, and sense of mission as is represented by our long-standing GCS leadership and faith community.

Dr. Larson and Marielle, along with their youngest daughter Priscilla, will be moving to Staunton from Charlotte,  NC,  this June. He will officially take the reigns of leadership as our new head of school in mid-June. Don and his wife are quite taken with Staunton and, more particularly, our GCS faith community.  Their intention is to integrate into and put roots down in our community long term.  And when that day comes at some point down the road, they would like to retire in this locality. Thus, we trust Dr. Larson will enjoy a long tenure at GCS!

While Don will officially take the reigns of leadership in mid-June,  I am committed to continuing through the next school year in serving Don as a resource in the transition process.  I will also continue to be involved in helping shepherd the accreditation renewal process to its completion through the end of next year.   While Don's leadership style will be different from mine, reflecting his own personality and unique giftings, we are confident that he will lead GCS in continuing its fundamental spiritual DNA and emphasis on providing our children with a quality education characterized by our distinct emphasis on Biblical worldview integration.

Please note below a brief summary of Dr. Larson's professional credentials.  We are excited that he will bring a breadth of experience and leadership expertise which we believe will help our school continue to grow in its effectiveness in impacting our students for the cause of Christ!

We will schedule several opportunities for our school community to meet Dr. Larson and his family before the next school year in August.  He will also be visiting with us on Grandparents’ Day on May 11 and again at our commencement on May 25.  Some of you who attend these events will have opportunity to meet him on those occasions.  As you become acquainted with Don and Marielle, we believe you will understand why our board and administrative team were unanimous in our invitation for him to become our next head of school.  We are so thankful that he and his wife have a sense of God's leading to join us!

We praise God for His faithfulness, and we believe He has great things in store for the GCS faith community in the days ahead!  Let’s be praying for a smooth transition process!

Dr. Don Larson Resume

  • Served in the US Air Force as a special operations command pilot.  Retired as a Lt. Colonel to enter Christian education.
  • Served as a principal, assistant head of school, and head of school in several schools, including an inner city ministry, working with diverse groups of students, ethnicities, and school sizes.
  • Has significant experience in fundraising and development, finance, marketing, community relations and strategic planning.
  • Has served with Renewanation as a consultant and "coach" in helping schools develop their programs.

Degrees include a Doctorate of Philosophy in Education (Specialization in Leadership in Educational Administration); Master of Social Science (Modern History/International Relations); Bachelor of Science degree in Quantitative Business Analysis/Computer Science; Master of Military Operational Art and Science

The list could continue.  Perhaps most importantly,  Dr. Larson and his wife are deeply committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and hold a very deep conviction concerning the priority of Christian education as a vital part of our children's education.  And, as a further indication of Dr. Larson's "good fit" with GCS, he has a keen interest in and commitment to the concept of Biblical worldview integration as an essential aspect of Christian education.

Praise God for His faithfulness!

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