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More Challenging Words for Such a Time as This!

March 14, 2018
By John Morrison

This week's blog features a seven minute, animated video produced by Worldview Matters that is a concise treatment of the power of education in forming a child's fundamental worldview.  While this is a recurring theme in my blogs, I cannot overemphasize the importance for all who are concerned for the next generation and our larger culture in understanding the basic thesis of this presentation.  Please take a few moments to ponder this piece.

This video will potentially step on the toes of some of the approximately 90% of Christian parents, as well as some Christian leaders and public educators, who view state education as "the norm" for how we should educate our children.  While we certainly can celebrate and be thankful for Christians who believe they are called by God to serve in public schools as "salt and light," we must not confuse their dedicated service with the overarching philosophy of state education that advocates "religious neutrality" along with the exclusion of the Christian worldview from academics.

We also can acknowledge and be thankful that there are some exceptional students who are uniquely able to "stand for Christ" in our public schools.  But this video makes quite clear that the damage being done to the next generation, including students from Christian families, is far more profound than many realize.  It is my prayer that this production will help awaken many to the powerful influence of secularizing education upon our youth and our essential need to ground them in our Christian worldview.  Education does not, in itself, “make” Christians. But when we as parents and the Church ground our children in the truth claims of our faith, we can trust the Holy Spirit, in His time, to convict and convert them into a vital relationship with Christ!

I welcome your feedback on this piece.  Also, feel free to pass it along to others whom you believe would benefit from its message.

Please access the video by clicking here.  

Thanks, again, to the video's author and producer, Dr. Christian Overman, for his groundbreaking work in equipping Christian educators to more effectively impact our children through Christian worldview education.  To learn more about his important work through Worldview Matters, click here.  

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