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The Fight for Life

April 11, 2019
By Abigail Erdman, GCS 7th Grader

In our past few Blogs, we have written about a Christ-centered education at GCS. We would like to feature a paper written by a 7th grade student, to show how important a Biblical Worldview is to the educational process. Abigail Erdman wrote this paper using the Bible as a framework for her thinking. Please enjoy.

The Fight for Life
by Abigail Erdman

How would you feel if your life, just in the beginning stages, was grabbed from you? I believe that most people would choose life over death. That is just the same of the embryos (eight-cell babies) that are killed in labs all over the world everyday. These innocent lives have no voice in which to express their regret at the sin of genetic engineering and stem cell research. We must be their voice, we must stand against genetic engineering and stem cell research, and we must use our biblical worldview to to shape the future of these children.

Genetic engineering is when someone alters an organism's DNA. DNA is the coding that tells what a child will be like. I believe that genetic engineering is wrong, because God created the embryos just the way they are, they are not ours to change, they are the Lord’s. Genetic engineering also has more uses, like changing foods, which could be as bad. We try to alter God’s creation by our own power. We may succeed in the purpose, but in all reality, we are failing every time a genetic engineering takes place; we are becoming more reliant on our own works rather than on God alone.

I believe that stem cell research is horrible even if somatic cells are used and no one is harmed. Stem cell research is taking a stem cell (a cell that divides almost indefinitely before it is “differentiated” or grown up) and changing it into another healthy cell. The scientists or doctors inject the healthy cells into the unhealthy cell-filled body, and hope for a cure. Sometimes they use embryonic stem cells instead of regular stem cells (somatic stem cells) for the cures and research. I know that sometimes they may reach a cure, yet there is still temptation to go farther and use embryos.

If the scientists do reach a cure using embryonic cells, they may be healing someone, yet they are killing another's life. If they use somatic stem cells, I believe that is morally okay. Those are the reasons why I believe stem cell research is not an ethical practice. A good verse to support my thinking is Psalm 139:16-17, “For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Indeed, these little blessings are fearfully and wonderfully made!

When we look at the mass slaughter that is being performed right under our noses, we can use our worldview to know that life is precious. As Doctor Suess once said, “A person is a person no matter how small,” even those eight-cell babies who are God’s precious creation. That is why we need to continue to use our biblical worldview to fight against the practices of genetic engineering and stem cell research that do not honor God.

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