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The New Normal - Part 3

February 07, 2018
By John Morrison
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When I wrote my "Higher Education ... Higher Conditioning?" blog two weeks ago, I did not plan for it to be a several part series.  The response, though, has been significant, and now I find myself crafting "Part 3," though under this different title.

In "Part 2," a GCS parent wrote about her college experience some years ago in terms of the widespread "new normal" that had overtaken the student body on her campus and how that mindset slowly began eroding her own values.  This past week, we heard from another parent outside of our GCS community whose child is enrolled in a local, public middle school.  In the course of a conversation with her parents, the child mentioned that she saw nothing wrong with the transgender lifestyle.  This evidently is the prevailing mindset among the students in her grade.

Indeed, the Scripture does not indicate that struggling with sexual identity is a sin in itself; but  it does stake out clear distinctions between male and female and promises that God's grace is sufficient in enabling such individuals in overcoming their gender dysfunction.

But the larger point is that this is just another illustration of how this "new normal" is taken for granted by the larger culture -- in this case, in one of our local middle schools -- and thus places tremendous pressure upon our youth to conform.  Indeed, this is a powerful form of indoctrination -- in this case directed toward those who are still very much in their formative years.

Yet another example of this indoctrination is clearly illustrated in another of Rod Dreher's blogs (click here).  I would urge my readers to take a few moments with this very informative piece.  The "new normal" is a powerful means of remaking our societal values at all ages!  You will empathize with the parent who relates his sad story in Dreher’s blog.

In the context of this "new normal," let me make two vital points.
First, Christians must understand that the issue of authority is paramount to our faith. Simply put, our infinite God is absolute, personal, and has not remained silent, but has spoken in human terms through His Incarnation and His inspired word, the Bible. While some reject this belief as narrow-minded fundamentalism, that God would speak authoritatively is what we would expect of Him as the ultimate, personal Being.  To be personal is to communicate.

Second,  when Christ claims that He is the truth, this means truth in an exclusive sense.  By exclusive, we mean that every truth claim that contradicts Christ and His words is excluded as being false.  What many today do not understand is that Christians throughout the centuries were persecuted, not primarily because they followed Christ, but because they did so to the exclusion of all other religious claims. Christians were persecuted because they would not worship Christ and Caesar, or Christ and the local gods.  They were persecuted because of their faith in Christ only, and, therefore, they were perceived as intolerant, bigoted, and narrow-minded.  

The same is true today.  The LGBTQ "new normal" is only the tip of a larger spear of secular doctrines and politically correct beliefs that contradict our fundamental Christian truth claims.  This "new normal" paints orthodox Christians as extremists who are holding back our society in its so-called “progressive” movement forward.  

In  the face of this social pressure, we must not be moved away from our orthodox faith by our culture's "new normal."  Furthermore, we must be committed with all our resources in standing firm and founding our children in our centuries old beliefs!  God certainly has not changed His mind about such matters!  And our own mindset must be based in His authority rather than man's relative opinions.  May God help us pass these essential foundations of our faith to our children!

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