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What is Grace Christian School? Part 2

January 17, 2018
By John Morrison


Last week, I shared an email from Brian Fitzgerald to GCS  staff from a series he writes each week to encourage and inspire our folks.  Here is part two.  Those who are parents and have a heart for our youth will find Brian’s words well worth reading!

Dear GCS Staff,

One of my prayers for our school is that we will become a place that embodies what Francis Schaeffer called “Two Contents, Two Realities.” Here’s how Lane Dennis describes Schaeffer’s outline:

“‘Two contents’ refers first to the content of sound doctrine, founded on the absolutes of the Bible as these are carried out in the ‘practice of truth.’ The second content refers to facing the honest questions of our generation, and responding with the honest answers that are available in the Bible alone.”

I believe that GCS is intentional with these two contents.

Dennis continues:

“But as Schaeffer knew so clearly from his own experience, it is not enough simply to know sound doctrine and to know the right answers. If we are truly Christians, there must also be a corresponding reality – the reality, first, of a moment-by-moment walk with Christ, and the reality, second, of beauty in our relationships with one another.”

Schaeffer believed that a generation would be impacted whenever these two contents and two realities were in place. We have that opportunity here at Grace.

I will end with an encouragement to be intentional about our relationships because this may be the single most effective feature of our program in demonstrating the truth of Christianity and the love of Christ to our students, parents, and the larger community. I would encourage you to seriously consider Schaeffer’s following words on this subject:

“True Christianity produces beauty as well as truth, especially in the specific areas of human relationship…Every big company, if it is going to build a huge plant, first makes a pilot plant in order to show that their plan will work. [Every Christian school] should be a pilot plant that the world can look at and see there a beauty of human relationships that stands in exact contrast to the awful ugliness of what modern men paint in their art, what they make with their sculpture, what they show in their cinema, and how they treat each other. Men should see in the church a bold alternative to the way modern men treat people as animals and machines. There should be something so different that they will listen, something so different it will commend the gospel to them.”

May GCS be such a place.



Thanks, Brian, for these profound words.  As we swim upstream against an increasingly swift cultural current opposed to our Christian faith, we need constantly to be reminded of what is at stake and the strategic value of investing our lives and resources in the cause of Christ via Christian education!

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