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What Is Grace Christian School?

January 10, 2018
By John Morrison
GCS Sophomores, Hannah Cline, Anna Burkholder and Maddi Hochstetler.

In this and next week’s blogs, I want to share with my readers two emails sent by Brian Fitzgerald, our high school principal, to all staff earlier this year.  Not only do these blogs give a picture of what we are attempting at GCS, but also the kinds of interaction our administrative leadership carries on with staff.  Brian’s words are equally relevant  for parents and those who have a heart for our youth.  Good stuff, well worth reading!

Dear GCS Staff,

What is Grace Christian School?

I have never viewed the school as a bubble that safely shelters its students from the world. The world is simply too pervasive for such an endeavour, and we are called to engage the world, not to withdraw from it. Our kids are growing up in what many refer to as The Information Age, an age dominated by competing voices willing to teach them all kinds of ideas dealing with all kinds of topics. Those voices are increasingly hostile toward Christianity, which means that our work at Grace is becoming increasingly strategic. Do not underestimate your role and influence here.

I have always thought of GCS, not as a safety bubble, but as a military base in enemy territory. Our students should be safe here, but they are also in training. The stakes are high enough that their training is immediately applicable. These words from missionary C.T. Studd characterize my attitude and perspective of GCS:

Some want to live within the sound of church or steeple bell; I want to run a rescue shop within a yard of hell.

We are no bubble. We are a rescue shop. The Christian school is a place to teach children Truth and how to think. If children are not equipped with those, they will be devoured by the world. I am convinced that the stakes are that high, and that this is our position.

I would again encourage you to not take your role lightly. What you do here every day is strategic and meaningful. Continue to faithfully serve where God has called you. As Francis Schaeffer once wrote:

There are no little people in God’s sight, so there are no little places. To be wholly committed to God in the place where God wants him—this is the creature glorified.



Thanks, Brian, for these inspired words that are relevant to all of us who are invested in the next generation!

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