Grace Christian School

Elementary School: Kindergarten-6th Grade

Students in our elementary school are provided the opportunity to learn in an environment which blends strong academics with opportunities for individual and social growth, all from a Christian perspective.  Our teachers are equipped with the skills to teach, the compassion to nurture, and the creativity to make the learning experience engaging for students as they thrive in spirit and grow in knowledge.

All elementary classes are taught from a Christian perspective using materials from A Beka, Bob Jones, Praise Hymn, English From the Roots Up, Saxon Math, and the Institute for Excellence in Writing Program.

Knowing that proficiency in computer skills is essential for navigating today's culture, GCS has set its computer technology program as a high priority.  Computer classes for the kindergarten to 6th grade students work to integrate and reinforce content objectives from the main classroom with various computer programs, introducing new themes and skills each quarter.  The elementary/middle school campus offers three computer labs for student use.

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