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Game and Practice Calendar

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ES Girls Basketball
February 27, 2020 |06:00 PM - 08:00 PM -

Sports Update February 17th-22nd

**All sports practices, schedules, directions, and changes listed on the GCS WEBSITE .  Check there for most current updates! *** No shuttle will run for those practices or games that start at 5:30pm or later, unless a bus is already running at that time for an earlier activity, if an athlete’s practice starts later they must study and remain quiet.  They should not be a disruption for the prior practice.

REMINDER: ELECTRONIC DEVICES ARE NOT TO BE USED ON ANY GCS BUSES/VANS, athletes will be suspended 1 game or match if using electronic devices without specific permission by the coach to contact parents.


Monday, February 17

VG Basketball Practice 3:45-5:00pm AC, Shuttle Bus 8 with Coach Kahrs

VB Basketball North Region Playoffs #4 GCS @ #2 BRCS 6:30pm, Travel Plans per Coach McNair.


Tuesday, February 18

JVB Basketball Practice 4:00-5:30pm AC, Shuttle Bus 7 with Mr. Knight.

VB Basketball Practice 5:30-7:00pm AC, Shuttle Bus 7 with Mr. Knight.

VG Basketball VACA North Region Playoffs #4 GCS @ #1 Mt. Carmel 7:00pm, Travel plans per Coach Kahrs.  Check your email.


Wednesday, February 19

VG Basketball Practice 3:45-4:45pm AC *If we win on Tuesday, Shuttle Bus 8 with Coach Kahrs.  NO Practice.

VB Basketball Practice 4:45-5:45pm AC, Shuttle Bus 8 with Coach Kahrs. NO Practice.


Thursday, February 20

VG Basketball Practice 5:00-6:30pm AC * Whether we win Tuesday or not, NO Shuttle Bus.  Contact Coach Kahrs if you need a ride.

VB Basketball Practice 6:30-8:00pm AC, NO Shuttle Bus.  NO Practice.


Friday, February 21




Saturday, February 22