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2022 Bid for Cause: Joy at Every Level! Pt. 1

March 24, 2022
By Kristen Lihos, Advancement Director

Monday was World Down Syndrome Day, and that gave me a second to pause, smile, and reflect on a gift to my life that has brought me such unimaginable joy: Isaiah Martin. Isaiah, little brother to Zack (K) and Declan (PreK), was given a devastating prenatal diagnosis incompatible with a normal life. He surprised everyone and came into this world crying and thriving. We first bonded in the NICU where I realized that my heart was all-in for him. Isaiah's life is not without challenges or even heartbreak, but it comes with a deep-seated delight in the knowledge that he is a precious gift of joy to everyone who knows him. It doesn’t matter how cloudy the day is, seeing Isaiah makes me smile.

Giving the gift of joy and smiles is the focus of this year’s Bid for Cause. We strategically looked at the needs of our school and then focused on the ones that directly impacted the experiences our students most love. Our children only have one childhood, and to the ends that we can control, we want it to be a delightful one! Let’s bring those smiles!

2022 Bid For Cause: Joy at Every Level! will be live auction package #18. That will be your chance to give a gift of joy directly to our students, from the youngest to the oldest. We are aiming to reach $55,000 over three levels. Whatever level we reach will be what we directly purchase for the students. Any money raised over the third level will be applied to bringing joy to students through funding field trips. Check out each level below: We have playhouses, outdoor games, better student outdoor seating, risers and mics for our fine arts, and a new scoreboard for our athletes and fans!

For Live Package #18, the auctioneer will start high and see if there are any large, generous bids in the room. He will work his way down to $10,000, $5,000, $2,000…the bottom bid will be $100. As many bidders who want to join in at each level will be able to do so. We will calculate our total on the spot and see where we land. Celebration will happen at whatever level we arrive. Jubilation will happen if we blow it out of the park!

Be in prayer about what kind of gift you want to give to help create joy at every level of the school. We want to meet our students where they are right now and cultivate some happiness. Children like Isaiah make us smile every day. Let’s come together and make April 2nd about making our children smile!