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Bid For Cause 2023

April 05, 2023
By Kristen Lihos, GCS Advancement Director

The students named her Karen. They tell stories of how “she cries on them” when it rains…on the inside. She has on multiple occasions left our Warriors stranded. Born in 1999, she is older than some of our teachers. Her parts can only be found through extensive research on eBay. She is part of a rapidly-aging fleet. “She” is our bus.

In what seems like providential timing, last week Karen failed inspection—6 times over. At 275,000 miles and parts unavailable, it’s time to say goodbye to our not-so-faithful friend. We have long known that our fleet of buses, averaging 25 years of age, will need a major overhaul. This year at the GCS Benefit Auction is where we begin. When it comes to major purchases, we have bought used, old vehicles and scraped by for as long as we have been a school. We have made do and not complained. God has been faithful all the way, and we are thankful!

But, we are ready for a new ask. We are ready for a new bus. Paul tells us in Philippians 4:19, “ God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”  His riches are immeasurable and a move towards a new fleet of buses is not too great for Him!

On April 15th, during the live auction, item number 20, our 2023 Bid for Cause, will be a new bus. We have 345 children for over seven hours each weekday, and we are frequently transporting them all over western Virginia. We want to go to bed at night knowing that we have done all that we can to put their lives first. $90,000 is our goal. No levels or tiers. We need $90,000 to buy a new bus. I’m asking you to take a moment this week to ask the Lord if this is an area in which you should invest your resources.

We anticipate that this April 15th will be a joyous one of thanksgiving! Come on out, wear your best Hawaiian outfit, check out the bus we hope to buy (it will be there) and bid generously to make this safe and stylish bus-transportation goal a reality!