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What does a Christ-centered education look like?

At Grace Christian School, we soak and embed our curriculum with Christian truth through intentionally and carefully placed Biblical truths and specific tools to reinforce them.  We refer to this as Biblical world view integration.  We teach every course at every grade level based on the assumption that God is concerned with and is relevant to the subject matter. Without this underlying assumption, the implicit message to our students is that God is not relevant to most of their life. Believing that He is relevant in all areas of life, we are committed to providing Christian families with a thorough, intentional Christ-centered education for their children.

A Grace Christian School education is more than textbooks, homework and tests; it guides, strengthens and shapes our students' character and lives.  We provide a strong academic and moral foundation within the context of a Biblical worldview.

We hold our students to high academic standards and encourage them to be critical thinkers.  Our students consistently score above the state and national averages on standardized tests across all grade levels.  

While every class is taught from the Christian perspective, students are challenged to examine and understand the various world views common to popular culture.  Other important facets of a well-rounded experience include fine arts, athletics, chapels and extra-curricular activities.  

A Grace Christian School education builds a strong foundation and prepares graduates for continued learning in both academics and the Christian faith.