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The athletic program at Grace Christian School is an extension of the larger educational program of the school.  While the classroom is so often limited to the theoretical, sports is uniquely experiential in developing self-discipline, endurance, self-control, diligence, sportsmanship, submission to authority, teamwork, and numerous other qualities which may be experienced and developed under the wise oversight of the coaches.

We offer the following:

Youth Sports Program - Soccer and basketball

Middle School - Girls' volleyball, girls' and boys' basketball, girls' and boys' soccer, boys' baseball, co-ed golf, boys' wrestling, and boys' and girls' cross country.

High School - Girls' volleyball, girl's and boys' basketball, girls' and boys' soccer, boys' baseball, boys' wrestling, co-ed golf, and boys' and girls' cross country.

Athletic Fees will be applied as follows:

Spring Sports

VG Soccer: $300
MSG Soccer: $200
Varsity Golf: $250
MS Golf: $200
Varsity Baseball: $300

Home School Players:  $25.00 additional fee per sport

Parents are responsible for additional expenses when applicable, such as away game meals and lodging.

Home School Students:  There is an additional $25 administration fee per season for a home school player. Home school players must complete an application, interview, and payment in full must be received before beginning practice and/or play.  Please call Frank Kahrs, our Athletic Director, at (540) 886-0937 to set up an interview and pick up your home school packet.

Athletic Conferences and Associations:

Grace Christian School is a member of the following conferences:

Virginia Association of Christian Athletics (VACA)
Virginia Independent Schools Athletic Association (VISAA)