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Middle School: 7th & 8th Grade

Grace Christian Middle School offers seventh and eighth grade students a welcoming and Christ-centered environment in which to grow and mature academically, spiritually and socially.  The middle school program continues to develop each student's critical thinking and study skills in order to prepare them for success in their high school experience.  Students have mandatory study hall periods where they may receive assistance from teachers.  Students may also choose from a number of afternoon classes including, art, advanced art, chorus,  survey of the arts, intro to Spanish, drama, music appreciation, computer, keyboarding, advanced computer, and private music lessons.

Our curriculum has a sound Biblical foundation and focuses on developing strong academic understanding and critical thinking skills in grammar and writing, literature, mathematics, social studies and science.  Our middle school students have daily Bible classes and the eighth graders also participate in a worldview class that teaches them to critically think through and defend their Christian faith.  All middle school classes are taught from a Biblical perspective using a variety of curricula including Saxon Math, Abeka, Bob Jones, Lightbearer's World View, Wordly Wise, English From the Roots Up, and Summit Ministries.  As a means to strengthen vocabulary and reading comprehension, middle school students will continue studying Latin and Greek roots in their English classes using the English From the Roots Up curricula. Achievement tests are given each spring to seventh and eighth grade students.  A more comprehensive overview of the middle school curriculum can be accessed under Middle School Program.

In addition to physical education classes, middle school students have the opportunity to participate in middle school and junior varsity sports.  Click on the following links for additional information on middle school activities, Fine ArtsAthletics, and After School Programs.

Seventh and eighth grade students participate in a 2-day local retreat (no overnight) at the beginning of the school year.  This event is filled with challenge courses and social activities with a spiritual emphasis, geared to encourage them relationally with each other and with the Lord.

Middle School Program

The Middle School Program continues to develop each student's critical thinking and study skills in order to prepare them for success in their high school experience

Academic Profile


Literature 7
Literature 8


Foundations of Math 7
Algebra I 


World History
US History



Physical Education 7
Physical Education 8 



Grammar & Writing 7
Grammar & Writing 8


Life Science 7
Earth Science 8



Girls' Bible 7, Boys' Bible 7
Girls' Bible 8, Boys' Bible 8
World View 8th Grade


Computer, Keyboarding & Advanced Computer 7 & 8

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