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Fine Arts

“A Christian should use these arts to the glory of God, not just as tracts, mind you, but as things of beauty to the praise of God. An art work can be a doxology in itself.” 
― Francis Schaeffer, Art & the Bible

Grace Christian School's Fine Arts Program encourages and assists students in developing their God-given gifts and talents through music, visual arts, and drama as a way of honoring and worshipping God, the Master Artist. 

As image-bearers of our creator God, engagement in the arts deepens our understanding of Him as the Creator and furthers our relationship with him. At GCS, it is our goal to nurture student-artists from preschool through graduation and beyond. Students will develop artistic thought and skill, be challenged to articulate effectively through various artistic media, and practice their skills to engage the culture and redeem it for Christ and His kingdom. 

Grace Christian School offers general music and art classes once per week for preschool and elementary students. Middle school students have the option of regular or advanced art classes, chorus and music appreciation classes, as well as drama class. High school students may participate in chorus, art, advanced art, acting, and drama classes. Our students perform throughout the year in chapel services, concerts, festivals and competitions, one-act plays, and a spring musical. GCS students can be seen serving our community by sharing their gifts and talents at area nursing homes and blessing our own school community by leading worship and caroling around the elementary school each Christmas. 

Students at Grace Christian School also have the unique opportunity of taking individual private music lessons during their school day. Lessons are offered on all three campuses in guitar, piano, violin, viola, voice, and woodwinds.