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Sports Update: Summer Open Gyms/Fields

**All sports practices, schedules, directions, and changes are listed on the GCS WEBSITE.  Masks are suggested but not required on buses.  Food may be eaten on buses, but only water may be consumed on buses.  Each team is responsible for cleaning up after each bus ride. 

REMINDER: ELECTRONIC DEVICES ARE NOT TO BE USED ON ANY GCS BUSES/VANS, athletes will be suspended for 1 game or match if using electronic devices without specific permission by the coach to contact parents.



GCS Summer Open Gyms/Fields Plan 2022

Please check the Sports Update for any updates to the schedule.



JVG/VG Basketball- (Grades 9-12) Open Gym 6:30-8pm AC (Starting June 6th) 

MSG Basketball- (Grades 6-8)  5:00-6:30pm AC (Starting in late June)



MS Volleyball- (Grades 6-8) 5:30-6:30pm AC (Starting June 7th)

JVG/VG Volleyball- (Grades 9-12) 6:30-8:00pm AC (Starting June 7th)

Varsity Boys Soccer- (Grades 9-12) 6:30-8:00pm- WHBC (Start date TBD)

MSB Soccer- (Grades 6-8) 6:30-8:0pm WHBC (TBD- Need a volunteer to lead this)



MSB Basketball- (Grades 6-8) 5:00-6:30pm AC (Starting June 16th)

JVB/VB Basketball- (Grades 9-12) 6:30-8:00pm AC (Starting June 16th)

Girls Soccer- (Grades 6-12) 6:30-8:00pm WHBC (Starts June 2nd)



Cross Country-  (Grades 5-12) Fun Run 8:00am-9:30am Various Locations (Weekly Email Update)

MSB Basketball- (Grades 6-8) Open Gym 10:30am-12:00pm AC

Game and Practice Calendar

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