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Our Preschool Program is designed for older three and younger four year old children and we recommend that students turn three years of age on or before May 31 prior to the beginning of the school year.  We offer a half-day preschool with a three-day or five-day option. The three-day program will meet Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. After school care is available on those days as needed.

Enthusiasm for learning is fostered in a safe and nurturing environment through a fun and developmentally stimulating program of discovery. Character development and social skills are promoted through application of a biblical worldview, as the children learn about God and His Word.  A day in preschool includes Bible stories, children’s literature, academic readiness activities, art, music, and physical activities designed to develop fine and gross motor skills.  All aspects of the program are developmentally appropriate and recognize the individual needs and differences of children. Through Christian principles and a teacher-directed program, children are encouraged to become independent thinkers and life-long learners.  

Class Schedule

Preschool will meet on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
8:10 am - 11:50 am - Class Time
11:50 am - Dismissal


Our Pre-Kindergarten Program is designed for older four and five year old children and we recommend that students turn four years of age on or before May 31 prior to the beginning of the school year.  Pre-Kindergarten meets five days per week and is a half-day program, with after school care available as needed.

This nurturing program provides children the opportunity to form a solid foundation academically, as well as to acquire fine, gross motor skills and other readiness skills.  Character, social, and emotional development are stressed and practiced throughout the day.  Old and New Testament stories help boys and girls apply Biblical truths to their daily lives.  Pre-Kindergarten students join the elementary school students for an interactive chapel service twice each month. They also enjoy weekly music classes and visits to the school's library.  In addition to multiple field trips throughout the year, they also participate in the elementary school-wide field day held each spring.

Class Schedule

Pre-Kindergarten will meet five days each week.
8:10 am - 11:50 am - Class Time
11:50 am - Dismissal

Before & After School Care is Available for PRESCHOOL AND Pre-Kindergarten Students.  The cost depends on the number of hours per week/month.  Click here to view the costs and information.

For all school-wide resources, visit our FAMILY HUB.