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Guidance Program

The Guidance Department is committed to guiding our high school students toward a successful future.  Services offered range from assisting students in choosing high school courses, investigating various vocations, administering career assessment tests, providing information about SAT and ACT tests, choosing college or career paths, providing scholarship information, and applying to colleges.  All high school students meet with the guidance counselor two to three times each year to discuss their academic classes, their career path and community service opportunties.  Our goal is to build their academic portfolio from 8th grade to 12th grade to include diverse opportunities that may influence their career path.

Our annual Job Shadowing Day exposes our high school students to different career experiences by spending a day with a local business or organization of their choice.  This experience has been quite beneficial in terms of helping students identify possible career paths which they may want to pursue.

Another unique opportunity for our juniors and seniors is our Mentorship Program where students can mentor in their field of interest by individuals in local businesses or organizations on a weekly basis throughout the school year.  Students not only receive high school credit for their participation, but they also gain insight and knowledge about their area of interest.

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Grace Christian High School Guidance Counselor - George McNair
19 S. Market Street
Staunton, VA  24401
(540) 886-9109

Additional Resources

Content from Guidance Counselor, George McNair, coming soon. 

At Grace Christian, our instructors place a strong emphasis on aiding our students' development of critical research skills. In light of today's technology and the more common occurrence of electronic publication, rather than print, it becomes essential for students to use discernment when considering the authority, bias, and reliability of online sources. The following is a list of databases and journals from reputable institutions and organizations that GCS teachers use to guide our students in making stronger choices when researching credible sources online.

Credo Reference

Google Scholar

HathiTrust Digital Library

Social Science Research Network

Directory of Open Access Journals

Directory of Open Access Books

Digital Commons Network