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Elementary School: Kindergarten-6th Grade

Students in our elementary school are provided the opportunity to learn in an environment which blends strong academics with opportunities for individual and social growth, all from a Christian perspective.  Our teachers are equipped with the skills to teach, the compassion to nurture, and the creativity to make the learning experience engaging for students as they thrive in spirit and grow in knowledge.

All elementary classes are taught from a Christian perspective using materials from Abeka, Bob Jones, Praise Hymn, English From the Roots Up, Saxon Math, and the Institute for Excellence in Writing Program.





Our full-day kindergarten is designed for older five to younger six year old children and we recommend that students turn five years of age on or before May 31 prior to the beginning of the school year.  Our program is engaging, interactive, hands-on and exploratory.  A wide variety of formal and informal activities are introduced throughout the year to spark curiosity, develop imagination and ignite a love for learning.

Emphasis is placed on character development, learning to cooperate within the classroom community and building confidence for success in school.  The academic curriculum focuses on foundational math concepts with manipulative practice, beginning writing skills and manuscript handwriting, phonics, and beginning reading based on each child's readiness level.  Other elements of the program include movement, music, play time, rhyming activities, learning centers, science discovery, and interactive recess.

As with the entire Grace Christian School program, our kindergarten subjects are taught from a Biblical perspective. Kindergarten students join the elementary school students for an interactive chapel services, as well as outreach activities and prayer groups.  

In addition to their core subjects, kindergarten students explore Fine Arts through music, drama and art classes.  Weekly classes in physical education, computer and library are also essential components of our well-rounded education, as are the multiple field trips scheduled throughout the school year.  For more information about elementary school activities, visit After School Programs.

1st - 6th Grade

Grace Christian Elementary School provides a caring and friendly environment where students in first through sixth grade are engaged in learning through a rich array of educational experiences.  All classes are taught from a Biblical perspective as our teaching staff uses carefully selected curricula and developmentally appropriate enrichment activities designed to meet the spiritual and academic needs of students.

Bible is a core subject at all grade levels.  Additional subjects include language arts (reading, writing, grammar, spelling and phonics), math, science and social studies.  Curriculum used throughout the grades include: ABeka, Bob Jones, Praise Hymn, Reason for Handwriting, Wordly Wise, English From the Roots Up, Saxon Math, and the Institute for Excellence in Writing Program.  Students are introduced to Latin and Greek root words on a weekly basis through the English From the Roots Up curriculum.  Each spring, students in first through sixth grade are given a standardized achievement test.

Knowing that proficiency in computer skills is essential for navigating today's culture, GCS has set its computer technology program as a high priority.  Computer classes for the kindergarten to 6th grade students work to integrate and reinforce content objectives from the main classroom with various computer programs, introducing new themes and skills each quarter.

Students explore Fine Arts through music, drama and art classes.  Weekly classes in physical education, computer and library are also essential components of a well-rounded program, as are the various field trips scheduled throughout the school year. 

All elementary students and teachers participate in weekly chapels featuring praise and worship, chapel speakers, skits, scripture memory, prayer time, as well as a time of outreach to the community and to ministries around the world (Kenya, Guatemala, Philippines, etc.)  Many of our students take private music lessons throughout the school day in voice, guitar, piano, string, brass and wind instruments.  In addition, elementary-age students also have the opportunity to participate in our Youth Sports Program.  For more elementary activities, see After School Programs.

For all school-wide resources, visit our FAMILY HUB.