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2022 Bid for Cause: Joy at Every Level! Pt. 2

April 08, 2022
By Advancement Director, Kristen Lihos

Generosity isn’t a natural thing, is it? If you have a secularized worldview, it really makes no sense to give away what is yours. That is what makes last Saturday so other-worldly. We have this concept of giving, because God gives us everything. We only have this ability to let go of our resources because we know that we are stewards. Christ Jesus owns everything, and He changed everything when He gave Himself. As His stewards, we give, because that’s who He is and that’s what He taught us to do.

The body of Grace Christian School currently represents over 65 churches in our area. I don’t know how many churches were represented at the auction, but dozens at least. All breaking bread together for one mission: the life-altering, biblical-worldview education of our children. The kind of worldview that tells you to your core not to put your hope in the things of this world.

The hearts of our staff are for our students to know the joy of the Lord. I see firsthand how they operate daily in that other-worldly realm—the unnatural one that is not running after money, status, or ease. That’s what I experienced Saturday. Hundreds of believers, from dozens of churches, living out a life that helps others to know joy.

We had 98 bids for the 2022 Bid for Cause. An over 30% increase from last year! Our in-house bid counters scrambled to keep up with overwhelming response, but the great news is that we smashed our Bid for Cause goals, achieving all three levels with extra for funding field trips! And, after a smooth and successful check out, our final auction total including silent and live is $132,634!

Thank you to all of you who gave. You gave from what you know was given to you. Your generosity is creating an other-worldly education for our children. I am so excited to see what the next few years will bring. With this generosity mindset, there is really no God-given goal that we cannot achieve.

John Morrison says:
April 11, 2022 07:58 AM CST
Kristen, We are so thankful to you and GCS staff for organizing such a wonderful GCS faith community event. I know you and others invested huge amounts of time and energy in planning such an outstanding gathering. And I know you all would point to God in giving Him all the credit for such a successful outcome. May God use all of the generosity expressed by those who attended to strengthen GCS and to help it become more effective in impacting our children and youth for the cause of Christ! Indeed, as our culture continues to darken spiritually, the Christian community must band together to help ensure a Christian education for our precious ones. This auction was an outstanding example of that community in action! Thanks again for your dedication to serve Christ in your strategic role at GCS!