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Biblical Worldview Emphasis

August 31, 2023
By Nan Schmitt, PhD.

Starting something new can be an enjoyable opportunity. It brings about thoughts of what is possible and hopes of what is to come. As we embark on this new school year, one of the things that has become a hope in many of the leaders at GCS is to work more closely with parents on strengthening the Biblical worldview that is practiced in the home by equipping parents with helpful resources. In the introduction to his book, Kingdom Education, Glen Schultz describes how a stool with four legs can quickly become unstable. But, if a stool has three legs, it is sturdy even on a rough surface. He then relates this to how we raise our children with a Biblical worldview by stating, “It is essential that all three legs - home, church, and school - follow God’s prescription for training children and youth. If any one of the legs of the stool of education is not based on a biblical philosophy, the education system will have a greater tendency to fail” (12). As we at GCS “assist [you] Christian parents by providing a sound academic education in a Christ-centered environment” (GCS Mission Statement), we can only provide one leg of support for raising children to follow Christ. But, we can share with you resources we have found that could be helpful to you in providing the other two legs of church and home Biblical worldview.

Last spring, we offered you free access to Kingdom Education Ministries’s resources. We would like to again encourage you to create an account via this link. In the “Name of Church or School” field, enter Grace Christian School. Your account will automatically be linked with our school's prime account, and you will have access to all prime resources.

Once you have joined, you may want to check out this series of lessons by Glen Schultz regarding Kingdom Essentials.

We encourage you, along with our teachers and our students, to view the world through the lens of Biblical worldview: God, creation, humanity, moral order, and purpose. Over the course of this year, we hope to give you resources which pertain to each of these areas, beginning with resources focusing on God for the next couple of months. We hope and pray this is an encouragement to you.

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Mission Statement. Grace Christian School

John Morrison says:
September 04, 2023 08:11 AM CST
Dr. Schmitt,

This emphasis on biblical worldview integration must remain one of the primary characteristics of an authentic Christian education. I am so thankful that GCS continues to emphasize this. And nothing can be any more powerful than when parents, the local church, and the Christian school are all on the same page with this emphasis!

John Morrison