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Christian Community (And Why I'm Thankful for George McNair!)

March 31, 2022
By Brian Fitzgerald, Discipleship Director

Wow. I wish our entire school community could have been in chapel this week at the high school to receive George McNair’s message about Christian community and unity in the body of Christ. He did a great job diagnosing the problem that so many today face: isolation leading to anger, anxiety, and depression. And he nailed the biblical solution of Christian community. I'm praying the students took his message to heart and that they intentionally incorporate some of the things that he suggested. He blessed and encouraged me, and he also gave me a platform for encouraging my students toward being engaged in a healthy community.

We are in difficult times culturally, and our kids and students will drown in a sea of isolation if they are not encouraged, propped up, equipped, and pointed toward the truth. I think George’s theme of Christian community is essential for the times in which we're living, but I also think it's essential for us now as a school. There's a phrase in Isaiah 54:2 that's been on my mind for a couple of months, and it simply says, "lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes." I think that phrase applies to Grace and sends us the message to buckle down and keep first things first. Let's buckle down and hammer home the biblical worldview integration that we've worked so hard to ensure is part of our program and our curriculum. Let's pass that view on to the next generation so that they will live—that they'll live vibrant and flourishing lives because they are connected to the life-giving Vine. Let's be connected to that Vine ourselves. And let's not forget that we're not in this alone. God gave us each other to reflect His love in and toward each other. As a school community, I think we have a beautiful opportunity to demonstrate what a healthy, loving community looks like by the way that we interact with and love each other and work from the same centerpoint: Jesus. I’d like for our kids and students to see and experience for themselves how wonderful being in community can be by being part of GCS.

I believe that all of us need to hear what George shared with our high school students. In the long run, I really think his message should enhance our school and contribute positively to our community. I would encourage all of us to keep our students in prayer, and we can pray specifically that this theme of Christian community will hit home with them and that they will experience the goodness of that here at Grace. George said it's messy, and he's right. But it's completely worth it, and I hope these students get a taste of that here.

I appreciate the GCS community, and I hope that being part of it is a blessing to each of you and represents a loving community that encourages you. It's a joy to work alongside the GCS staff and to be engaged with the students. May the Lord bless this school and use all that takes place here to advance His kingdom and bless His people. 

We have a wonderful opportunity to experience this community reality at the GCS Auction this Saturday. This has long been one of my favorite GCS events, going back to my days as a GCS high school student. I couldn’t have articulated it then, but it was the community dynamic that I found so special. Being part of something bigger than yourself but having a role to play (even as a student) is a gift, and I think it’s that dynamic that makes the auction and our school so special.