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John Morrison's Letter

March 19, 2020
By John Morrison

Dear GCS Parents and Friends:

As former head of GCS, I have been very impressed with the rapid and thorough response of our GCS leadership, teachers, and staff to the unexpected closing of school per the mandates of Governor Northam resulting from the spread of COVID-19.

With professional help from some technologically experienced staff, the GCS transition to a largely online educational platform has been nothing short of remarkable. GCS already had a sound technology foundation necessary to make this transformation—something else for which we can be thankful. While I do not want to compare with other schools, I can tell you that GCS is much further along with technology than many schools, both in the private and public sector. I say this out of appreciation for God’s grace and His provision in allowing GCS to build this technological base over the years. For this we praise Him!

I also am very moved by the GCS staff’s dedication through their significant investment of their personal time and effort in adjusting to this situation. After complimenting my granddaughter’s teacher for her efforts, she responded: “Thank you so much! That means so much to me. I have also been so impressed by my fellow teachers. It is an enormous gift to work with this crew.”  Indeed, for those of us who have children at GCS, we are so blessed to have “this crew” working on behalf of our families. 

I am confident that I can say to Dr. Larson and all the GCS staff, on behalf of all of us who are part of the GCS family, THANK YOU for going beyond the call of duty to represent the best interests of our children in all grade levels! May God continue to give you all His grace, energy, and wisdom as you continue to serve the cause of His kingdom by investing in our families! And may God also put His hedge of protection and blessing around each of you and your own families in the days ahead!

For the rest of us—parents, grandparents, and friends of GCS—let us be diligent in our commitment to pray for God’s blessing on every aspect of GCS, including students and staff, for His protection from COVID-19, and His continued, abundant provision for the days ahead! Never has Christian education been any more vital than now!

And let’s not miss any opportunity to say “thank you” in various ways to those who are investing their lives in the lives of our children and youth!

In Christ,

John Morrison